OmniFaces is an utility library for JSF 2 that focusses on utilities that ease everyday tasks with the standard JSF API. OmniFaces is a response to frequently recurring problems encountered during ages of professional JSF development of the JDevelopment team and from questions being asked on Stack Overflow.

OmniFaces is also used in ZEEF

So far, the <o:enableRestorableView> is used to bypass ViewExpiredException for non-logged-in users and users who are logged-in with “Remember me”.

The <o:validateEqual> is used in password confirmation field.

The <o:deferredScript> is used to defer jQuery UI and PrimeFaces JavaScript loading to window.onload.

The <o:form useRequestURI="true"> is used over all place so that the form is submitted against the current request URL instead of XHTML filename.

The CDI @ViewScoped is used on several beans (mainly those tied to dialogs).

The ResetInputAjaxActionListener is used on almost all links which opens a dialog so that they don’t pop up with old validation errors when reopened.

The FullAjaxExceptionHandler is configured to gracefully handle exceptions during ajax requests.

Of course, backing beans contains a lot usages of Faces and Messages utility classes and a few Ajax.

And that was not all…

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